2010 Dog Jog Results


Congratulations to all the participants in the 2010 Dog Jog!

Thank you for helping Friends of the Shelter, a Los Alamos-based humane organization, raise much needed funds for the animals of northern New Mexico.

Last Name First Name Gender Time Comments
Romero Alex M 20:14
Romero Ted M 20:34  First Place Finisher with dog
Romero Daniel M 20:46
Romero Nathan M 21:49
Saga Vikki F 21:56  First Female Finisher with dog
Hammon Duncan M 21:58 2nd place male with dog
Jones  Jennifer F 22:13  2nd place female with dog
Smith Leanne F 23:01  3rd place female with dog
Kolman Dave M 24:26
Fontes Chris M 24:35  3rd place male with  dog
Crooks Dana M 25:22
Boerigter Kim F 25:40
Lynch Andrea F 26:01
Bretzke John M 26:48
Talles Carrie F 27:18
Richardson Paul M 28:14
Westfall Sarah F 29:20
Milligan Dennis M 29:22
Waltman Mary Jo F 29:40
Clifford Jim M 30:47
Urbatsch Todd M 31:52  first kid with dog
Urbatsch Spenser M 31:53
Urbatsch Dana F 31:54
Urbatsch Amy F 31:55
Urbatsch Grafton M 31:57
Peery Travis M 32:36
Mas Eric M 32:37
Jones Kevin M 32:58
Dubois Chris F 33:03
Martinez Linda F 33:03
Gancy Kathy F 33:08
Resnick Gary M 33:13
Rodriguez Frances F 33:29
Lynch Julie F 34:30
Appert Alexei M 34:53  2nd kid with dog
Marrone Babs F 35:22
Williams Ted M 38:07  3rd kid with dog
Reynolds Sean M 41:02
Clifford Kathleen F 42:49
Williams Bernice F 43:16
Witherill Deidre F 48:51
McDowell Petra F 51:51
McDowell Haley F 51:52
Wall Gary M 58:02

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